Wonderdust Ingredients Chart





Technical Datasheet


Sparkling, effervescent powder with large particle-sized pieces intended to be mixed with a still beverage as a flavored dietary hydration supplement. 


Each of our Wonderdust™ packs are made with a food grade Mica-Based Pearlescent which meets all FDA requirements for Food grade and Edible Pearlized Mica Mineral; Additionally, they may contain other food grade and FDA approved ingredients depending on the individual color. Please see the ingredients listed above.


When mixed with still liquids, Wonderdust™ creates a shimmering, effervescent bubbling with an aroma giving the liquid it is poured into an exciting sparkling experience. Each pack is specifically designed with flavor, electrolytes, and coloring, created to enhance your experience and supplement your daily hydration. Due to the effervescent bubbling, the glitter should not settle to the bottom until the bubbling reaction is finished. When it settles to the bottom, simply swirl and watch the magic unfold all over again!

Uses Restrictions & FDA Compliance

The FDA has approved all of the ingredients being used in our edible glitter based on the FDA 
approved ingredients list and usage levels.

To learn more about the FDA approved usage levels and approved ingredients list from the FDA, read “Substances Added to Food” at FDA.GOV and “FDA approved Usage Levels” Article 73.350 and more.

Pearlized Mica may be safely used as a color additive in amounts up to 0.07% in alcohol beverages of this product, by weight… nutritional supplement… distilled spirits (alcohol content 18-25%w/w). 

Cordials, liqueurs, flavored alcoholic malt beverages, wine coolers and cocktails

Non-alcoholic cocktail mixes and mixers, such as margarita mix, Bloody Mary mix, and daquiri mix, but excluding eggnog, tonic water, and beverages that are typically consumed without added alcohol (e.g. fruit juice drinks, and soft drinks).

The color additive may not be used to color foods for which standards of identity have been issued under section 401 of the act, unless the use of the added color is authorized by such standards (ref 21CFR73.350). *Please always refer to the FDA’s latest information.

Listed color additives permitted for use in food

21 CFR Section Straight Color Uses and Restrictions
74.101 FD&C Blue No. 1 Foods generally
74.102 FD&C Blue No. 2 Foods generally
74.103 FD&C Blue No. 3 Foods generally
74.104 FD&C Blue No. 4 Foods generally
74.105 FD&C Blue No. 5 Foods generally
74.106 FD&C Blue No. 6 Foods generally



Does not expose people to any chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. 


Store in tightly sealed packages in a cool, dry, dark place.


When stored under the proper conditions, initial product strength and color hue should be maintained.


Minimum of 60 months from date of manufacture.


This product does not contain any Major Food Allergens (as defined in the Food Allergens Labeling and Consumer Protection Act).
However, It is made in a facility that processes tree nuts.


This product is vegan.


This product is gluten free.

**This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. Do not ingest in any other manner than mixed with a beverage. **

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