Foolish Craig's Cafe

Posted by Casey McGrath on Aug 20th 2021

What a day! Today was our first big event, and I can't believe how well it went.

Today we paired with Diageo on a "Foolish Pairing" at Foolish Craig's Cafe! Our new friend Ashley works for Diageo, and after she tried Wonderdust ™, she decided she wants to see if we can get it as a special on their menu. I was told that today was a "trial day" to see how it went, and if people liked it enough to keep it on the menu. All I can say is my mind was BLOWN- we sold out of ALL of our Wonderdust x Ketel One Peach and Orange Blossom Botanical cocktails! The guests at the restaurant loved it, and some even purchased a pack of each flavor to take to their friend in Michigan that owns a bar. 

I absolutely loved being able to walk around to the patrons, chat with them, and hear their thoughts. Today was such a hit!