Introducing Wonderdust™!

Posted by Casey McGrath on Jul 1st 2021

What a wonderfully crazy, busy, exciting last year we've had here at Wonderland LLC! This whole "Wonderdust ™" product started as an idea, and has just been transforming ever since, all stemming from a bachelorette party. I don't think I've ever taken an idea that didn't exist before and turned it into something larger. We are so so happy it is finally here! We've had our ups and downs and set backs, which have made things take way longer than we had originally thought, but one thing i've been told this whole time is to "expect things to take longer than you think, and for them to cost more than you think." Creating the formula was the hardest part- between us, the scientists and the production group, we were going nonstop. The team was constantly sending us the newest version of Wonderdust, we would sample it, and then would almost always realize things were not quite right. The first trial was at my moms house- it was full of foam and I still can't believe they tried it...(What a support system!!) Whether it was the amount of bubbles, the color, the flavor, you name it, there was always something to tweak. The first attempts were total failures, but we kept at it and are so happy that we did!

Then the pandemic happened- the factory turned to operating with only a skeleton crew, and everything slowed down even more. After months of work, we finally found a formula for Wonderdust ™ that we loved! All we could think of was the number of people that we could make happy with our product- bachelorette parties, weddings, athletes, children, anyone who was sick and needed to hydrate or needed a pick-me-up. You name it, and we knew we could make a difference. Throughout the year of the pandemic, everyone needed to smile and to feel the positivity we could help create through Wonderdust ™. After one year of working on this product, we gave the "go-ahead" for Wonderdust to be produced- 20,000 packets to be exact. Our website has FINALLY been completed, and now the work begins. We are so incredibly excited to introduce you to Wonderdust ™, our edible glitter hydration!

Drink Wonderdust ™, because life won't sparkle unless you do!™

Love and Wonder,