First Week!

Posted by Casey McGrath on Jul 10th 2021

Hey there Wonderdust ™ family!

We finished our first week of Wonderdust ™ sales, and overall we would consider it a success. While most of our sales were friends, we were able to bring smiles to those that bought it! We've been getting great feedback, especially with the bridal shower that we were lucky enough to be invited to ((see the photos below)). When it comes to brides, bridal showers, bachelorette parties or weddings, sparkle is so important, and making sure our Wonderdust™ brides feel like their party is "over the top" is our main priority. My eventual goal? To be able to create Wonderdust™ in ALL wedding colors, to allow for an extra "pop" of every bride's accent color, while keeping everyone hydrated ((as parties can sometimes get a little wild!)) Lets keep our brides healthy and happy!

Love and Wonder,